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Korean Air TV commercial — stupidest in history?

Posted in TV with tags , , , , on 7 September 2008 by Doc Tourneau

This TV commercial, for Korean Air, has been driving me bugnuts ever since I first noticed it, maybe a year ago. It’s got my vote for the Stupidest Commercial in TV History Award, or somesuch. (If there isn’t such an honorific, we just might have to create one, to find a home for this thing.)

Filmed in a cool teal-and-gray color scheme, and accompanied by some nicely-chilled Downtempo music, we get a succession of images of goofily well-dressed nouveau riche hepcats in various languid poses — vainly fighting, I guess, the ol’ ennui.

Various adjectives float about the screen in a non-sequitur accompaniment: Exquisite; Visionary; Breathtaking; Graceful; Pledging (WTF is “pledging”??); Understanding; etc. The “Understanding” badge is also the oddest — some guy holding a champagne bottle at crotch level, popping the cork with one hand, while an expensively-shod pair of women’s feet dominate the forescreen. Weird, I tell you! See for yourself:

If it was the responsible advertising agency’s intent to get me to be aware of their client’s product, then they’ve succeeded. If it was their intent to get me to want to use their client’s product, then, uh… not so much. EPIC FAIL, dudes.