H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Statement of Randolph Carter”

According to Sturgeon’s Law, 90% of everything is crap. That law is definitely in force over at the YouTube.com, wherein, in actuality, “crap” is a level to which most contributors need to aspire to.

And yet… and yet then, there are some individuals whose creativity is such that their product makes all the coolie labor — separating the wheat from the chaff — worthwhile. One such individual goes by the name of Kuwasseg, who has hit on a simple, but absolutely terrific, idea. The website LibriVox.org offers audiobook-style readings of public domain literature. The recordings themselves are also in the public domain. Mr. Kuwasseg has, with pictures and sound and music, virtually illustrated some of these recordings, and to great effect. (NOTE: It now appears that the original audio was not from LibriVox. My mistake. At any rate, LibriVox is a terrific organization; you should check them out. — PB) The material in question is by that venerable author of the weird fiction, Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Kuwasseg uses imagery that, while not directly tied to the narrative, nicely adds to the overall creepy atmospherics of Lovecraft’s prose. It works wonderfully, especially coupled with the Boris Karloff-like sepulchral tones of the narrator, Peter Yearsley Glenn Hallstrom the narration.

Kuwasseg promises more of these in the future, and I’m looking forward to that. In the meantime, though, please enjoy the classic H.P. Lovecraft short story “The Statement of Randolph Carter.”

Part 1:

Part 2:


2 Responses to “H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Statement of Randolph Carter””

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  2. It ain’t me, but it’s terrific nonetheless. Kudos!


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