DEA uses Blackwater to roust medical marijuana dispensary (?)

I may have gotten myself into trouble.

Last Saturday, I stumbled across a story on the Los Angeles Times website about a Drug Enforcement Administration raid on a medical marijuana dispensary in Culver City, California. Think what you will about the efficacy of medical marijuana, or about marijuana laws in general, but only a draconian asshole of the highest order would applaud the seeming prioritization of cracking down on these types of operations. By “draconian asshole,” of course, I mean the Bush administration and the current group of gangsters running the quote-unquote US Department of Justice. Or maybe it’s just that the dispensaries, basically mom-and-pop perations run by people whose raison d’être is to help the sick, are the low hanging fruit of the DEA’s identified targets.

You can read the Times story for yourself, but it’s the usual horror story of black-clad shock troops smashing down the doors, terrorizing the personnel and clientele, ripping the place to shit, and seizing all its assets. An added bonus this time around was the breaking-into of an Automated Teller Machine and confiscation of its contents, i.e. money. Wergelt, I guess…

(By the way, for the purposes of full disclosure: after having been involved in an accident five years ago, I am a quadriplegic. Complications from my spinal cord injury include scoliosis, which is proceeding apace, and a condition commonly referred to as “tone,” wherein a haywire nervous system causes muscles to continuously contract, in my case, the muscles in my shoulders and my biceps. Both conditions range from generally uncomfortable, to pretty damned painful. While there are therapies and drugs to manage the pain, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. My point being that it’s entirely possible that one day I might have need of this type of service. Hence, I’ve got some personal interest at stake in this issue.)

Anyway, onto the real issue here. The story was accompanied by this rather shocking picture

Copyright Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times

Copyright Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times

which has since been taken down, for your-guess-is-as-good-as-mine reasons.

I have no problem with the Blackwater company as a private security firm. Large portions of this world are dangerous places, and bodies need guarding. Blackwater, and others like them, provided a valuable service providing protection to those conducting America’s business in these dangerous places — and without tying up valuable US military personnel for such relatively mundane responsibilities. However… they’re getting into paramilitary combat operations, and that’s a whole ‘nother thing. Although Blackwater eschews the term “mercenary,” this particular duck walks and quacks like it’s supposed to. From the standpoint of history, mercenaries have, at times, been a necessary evil. But an evil is what they are, representing some of the worst aspects of mankind. It’s sad and sickening that the Bush administration employs them in Iraq, but it’s completely mind-boggling that they’re getting work domestically, in our cities, and against our own people.

After finishing the article, I was almost apoplectic with shock and anger. And so, in righteous indignation and in total high dudgeon, I sent an e-mail to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. An e-mail which, I’m sure, will shame their black little hearts into changing their ways. (cough, cough.) It went thusly:

An article in the Los Angeles Times —,0,7334306.story — regarding a recent DEA raid on a medical marijuana dispensary featured this picture:

This is either a picture of:
1. Blackwater personnel engaged in this raid, or;
2. An authentic DEA agent publicly sporting a Blackwater T-shirt, in the commission of his duties.

My question then is, does the US Drug Enforcement Administration routinely use private, for-profit mercenary forces in its domestic activities? or, alternately, does the US Drug Enforcement Administration think it is acceptable for its agents to wear such paraphernalia while on official business?

I’m also curious as to why the ATM machine on the site was broken into and emptied. You don’t really need to answer this one; I’m a assuming it’s simply viewed as the spoils of war.

I would like an answer regarding the Blackwater and/or DEA agent. Thank you.

As I said at the top of this piece, I may have gotten myself into trouble. Remember when erstwhile White House press secretary Ari Fleischer said “people need to watch what they’re saying these days…”? Not to be paranoid, or at least too paranoid, I wonder if I just got myself placed on a list. Maybe so, maybe not. It’s not really all that important in the light of happenings like this. The United States government employs mercenaries for use in police actions against its own citizens. Now, THERE’S something to be paranoid about!

One Response to “DEA uses Blackwater to roust medical marijuana dispensary (?)”

  1. Those morons in the photo look like they were rejected from guarding the mall for drug tests themselves!

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