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“Cornhole”… look it up!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on 17 July 2008 by Doc Tourneau

From the “you learn something new every day” department…

I was having coffee with a friend this morning, and he offhandedly mentioned that he and his friends were going to get together this evening to drink beer and “play cornhole.”

After wiping up the coffee from my Danny Thomas spit-take, I cautiously asked him what that game consisted of. He explained that it involved the tossing of a small bag of corn through a hole in a distantly-placed wooden board. I thought to myself, “ah, just like a beanbag toss — y’know, normal stuff.”

My friend is from the Philippines, so I figured that “Cornhole” was the Filipino version of, or word for, our “Beanbag Toss,” the traditional (and wholesome!) backyard game the whole family can enjoy together. Not the other activity that immediately came to my mind when hearing that term. I cautioned him that he shouldn’t go around in public saying that he and his friends drink beer and “play cornhole” together. Visions of drunken sodomy orgies are not something one would normally introduce into casual conversation. I explained, sotto voce, that in our colorful American vernacular, “cornhole” pretty much refers to anal sex. He was shocked — and, ultimately, disbelieving. He said that he and his friends actually had purchased a Cornhole game kit from a local sporting goods store.

So, I figured, let’s go to the trusty internets to get to the real truth. Turning to the always unerring Wikipedia, I discovered, to my utter amazement, this:

(Link to Wikipedia article RIGHT HERE)

Maybe I could say, Well, I’ll be cornholed!, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that I always thought I was possessed of a relatively clean mind, but I guess I shouldn’t jump to the wrong conclusions over innocent remarks. But still… CORNHOLE is a game?? Who’da thunk?

Well, here I’m is…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on 6 May 2008 by Doc Tourneau

Given that, statistically, the average readership per Internet blog is 1, I probably don’t stand too much of a chance of totally embarrassing myself. 

I’m digging myself this little corner of the back 40 to write about things I usually think about at three in the morning, when part of my brain will pop up and say “hey — let’s compare and contrast the British classical mystery against the American hard-boiled item.  Or, how do the horror films of Hammer Productions stack up against the Universal Studios monster shows of the 30s and 40s?  Or, Marvel Comics versus DC Comics: go!  Or, Science Fiction and Sci-Fi… is there a difference? Or, come up with five reasons why the Beach Boys were better than the Beatles.  Or, George Bush: evil or just retarded?”  Etc. etc. etc.

If I can make this look reasonably nice with some cool graphics, maybe I can get that readership ratio up to two or even three.  Bold words!