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Korean Air TV commercial — stupidest in history?

Posted in TV with tags , , , , on 7 September 2008 by Doc Tourneau

This TV commercial, for Korean Air, has been driving me bugnuts ever since I first noticed it, maybe a year ago. It’s got my vote for the Stupidest Commercial in TV History Award, or somesuch. (If there isn’t such an honorific, we just might have to create one, to find a home for this thing.)

Filmed in a cool teal-and-gray color scheme, and accompanied by some nicely-chilled Downtempo music, we get a succession of images of goofily well-dressed nouveau riche hepcats in various languid poses — vainly fighting, I guess, the ol’ ennui.

Various adjectives float about the screen in a non-sequitur accompaniment: Exquisite; Visionary; Breathtaking; Graceful; Pledging (WTF is “pledging”??); Understanding; etc. The “Understanding” badge is also the oddest — some guy holding a champagne bottle at crotch level, popping the cork with one hand, while an expensively-shod pair of women’s feet dominate the forescreen. Weird, I tell you! See for yourself:

If it was the responsible advertising agency’s intent to get me to be aware of their client’s product, then they’ve succeeded. If it was their intent to get me to want to use their client’s product, then, uh… not so much. EPIC FAIL, dudes.

Empire or Federation: where would you rather live?

Posted in Movies, Science Fiction, TV with tags , , , , , , , , , on 6 July 2008 by Doc Tourneau

Because I’m a geek, and because I have plenty of time, I’ve been thinking lately about Star Trek and Star Wars. Comparing and contrasting, listing pros and cons, entertaining questions for which I’ve never had satisfactory answers, etc. I’m a fan of both franchises (how I hate that term!), and, in my idle moments of Walter Mitty-like fantasizing, project myself into their respective universes. While I’m (mentally) there, these are some of the things that occur to me…

In Star Trek*, you never see any private or commercial space traffic. How come? Is that by design, or merely a practical consideration of Trek’s limited budgeting? Alien ships aside, Starfleet appears to be the only authorized human venue for space travel. Which would be kind of like, in our present day, having only Navy ships at sea; no freighters, no yachts, no tankers, no runabouts — only armed-to-the-teeth warships, even for the most benign exploratory or scientific purposes. And, I guess, only Air Force planes in the sky. Hey, that would be like living in a military dictatorship!


Tom Waits on Fernwood 2-Nite

Posted in Cool video, Music, TV with tags on 12 June 2008 by Doc Tourneau

It’s not my intention to make this blog a repository for cool videos. Having said that, however, I’ve got to share this wonderful time-capsule piece — a combination of four of my favorite things: Martin Mull; Fred Willard; Martin Mull & Fred Willard; and Mr. Tom Waits:

Pure bliss.

The Simpsons movie reference Guide

Posted in Movies, TV with tags on 31 May 2008 by Doc Tourneau

From the “things I found while looking up other things” department:

This very cool website (in Spanish, with which, sadly, I’m not conversant with,) Actualidadsimpson, takes a loving look at TV’s The Simpsons and its regularly-occurring movie references. The site features absolutely terrific shot-by-shot comparisons of the cartoon series’ cinematic homages to their original counterparts.


Monty Burns as Al Capone in a THE UNTOUCHABLES reference

I’m sure that if I could read the accompanying text, I’d be praising the site author’s insight and perspicacity. Even so, the visuals speak for themselves. There’s a lot of them, so be prepared to be surprised and delighted. I was — as a fan of the show, I thought I had caught most of their movie-geek references. Yeah, sure. Maybe half of these…

If you love The Simpsons, if you love movies, then get yourself on over to for a real treat.