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Set the controls for the heart of the Sun

Posted in Cool video, Science, Space with tags , , , , , on 23 November 2008 by Doc Tourneau

Absolutely spectacular time-lapse footage of the surface of the sun, assembled by those geniuses at Semiconductor. Switch your Sense of Wonder to “ON”.

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“Quantum of Solace” theme song?

Posted in Cool video, James Bond, Movies, Music with tags , , , , , , , on 9 August 2008 by Doc Tourneau

As a confirmed, lifelong, hard-core James Bond fan, I am, of course, eagerly anticipating this fall’s new 007 movie QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

One of the rituals in counting down to the release of a new Bond film is anticipating the new theme song. The BBC 6’s Adam and Joe have proposed their own tune, with an accompanying video. It’s one of the funniest Bond spoofs I’ve seen in years. Feast your eyes (and ears) on:

The real, actual, QOS title track is entitled “Another Way to Die,” and will be performed by Jack White and Alicia Keys. Let’s hope it’s as inspired as this!

Amazing horsemanship!

Posted in Cool video with tags , , , , , on 12 July 2008 by Doc Tourneau

Andreas Helgstrand is an award-winning Danish dressage rider who is most known for riding the nine-year-old mare Blue Hors Matiné. This footage is from the World Equestrian Games 2006 Freestyle Finals. It is flat-out freaking amazing! Set aside 6 1/2 minutes and be prepared to have your jaw drop:

I don’t know anything about horses or dressage or riding, but I do know a fantastic display of animal/human interface when I see one. Let me tell you… a horse that good, you don’t eat all at once!

Interspecies friendship

Posted in Cool video with tags on 4 July 2008 by Doc Tourneau

Oh, hell… this almost makes me cry. Too goddamn beautiful. Just watch the fucking thing:

H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Statement of Randolph Carter”

Posted in Cool video, Horror with tags on 26 June 2008 by Doc Tourneau

H. P. Lovecraft

Over on the YouTube, there’s an individual who goes by the name of Kuwasseg, who has hit on a simple, but absolutely terrific, idea. The website offers audiobook-style readings of public domain literature. The recordings themselves are also in the public domain. Mr. Kuwasseg has, with pictures and sound and music, virtually illustrated some of these recordings, and to great effect. (NOTE: It now appears that the original audio was not from LibriVox. My mistake. At any rate, LibriVox is a terrific organization; you should check them out. — PB) The material in question is by that venerable author of the weird fiction, Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Kuwasseg uses imagery that, while not directly tied to the narrative, nicely adds to the overall creepy atmospherics of Lovecraft’s prose. It works wonderfully, especially coupled with the Boris Karloff-like sepulchral tones of the narrator, Peter Yearsley Glenn Hallstrom of the narration.

Take a look at the whole kit-and-kaboodle HERE

Tom Waits on Fernwood 2-Nite

Posted in Cool video, Music, TV with tags on 12 June 2008 by Doc Tourneau

It’s not my intention to make this blog a repository for cool videos. Having said that, however, I’ve got to share this wonderful time-capsule piece — a combination of four of my favorite things: Martin Mull; Fred Willard; Martin Mull & Fred Willard; and Mr. Tom Waits:

Pure bliss.

If Star Wars came out in the early 1960s

Posted in Cool video, Movies with tags on 27 May 2008 by Doc Tourneau

If George Lucas had made STAR WARS 15 years earlier, say, in the early 1960s, perhaps Saul Bass would have done the titles sequence —
— and it may have looked something like this:

Misunderstood Lyrics of “Carmina Burana”

Posted in Cool video, Music with tags , , on 9 May 2008 by Doc Tourneau

One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! I’m not sure if these are the real commonly-misunderstood lyrics, or if the video authors just made it all up. Either way, I was convulsed in laughter. Take a looksee for your own self:

Actually, there seems to be scores of these, some of them pretty dirty, but this was the funniest of the bunch. Enjoy!

“Cup of Brown Joy” by Elemental

Posted in Cool video, Music with tags , on 6 May 2008 by Doc Tourneau

I get the hugest kick out of this video, by the very weird but singularly dashing Mr. Elemental. If only more people wore pith helmets and smoked pipes… the world would be a far better place! It’s a pretty catchy tune, too…