About your host

As an active member of my local branch of the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria, I am constantly striving for the ImminentIzation of the Eschaton. Besides my duties with the AISB, I also enjoy cooking, reading, movies, and dogs. I design and co-run a reasonably well-thought-of James Bond website: Her Majesty’s Secret Servant (www.HMSS.com).

I’m proud to say that, after years of conducting extensive research, I’ve stopped believing that Dracula was vanquished by the UFOs.  So I’ve got that going for me…

One Response to “About your host”

  1. Cool stuff bro. Kudos to you.

    What’s going on? How are you? It’s either me, or you have been exceedingly difficult to contact. Have you gotten my messages?

    Are you free tomorrow PM? Sunday?

    Let me know, Paulie.

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