Korean Air TV commercial — stupidest in history?

This TV commercial, for Korean Air, has been driving me bugnuts ever since I first noticed it, maybe a year ago. It’s got my vote for the Stupidest Commercial in TV History Award, or somesuch. (If there isn’t such an honorific, we just might have to create one, to find a home for this thing.)

Filmed in a cool teal-and-gray color scheme, and accompanied by some nicely-chilled Downtempo music, we get a succession of images of goofily well-dressed nouveau riche hepcats in various languid poses — vainly fighting, I guess, the ol’ ennui.

Various adjectives float about the screen in a non-sequitur accompaniment: Exquisite; Visionary; Breathtaking; Graceful; Pledging (WTF is “pledging”??); Understanding; etc. The “Understanding” badge is also the oddest — some guy holding a champagne bottle at crotch level, popping the cork with one hand, while an expensively-shod pair of women’s feet dominate the forescreen. Weird, I tell you! See for yourself:

If it was the responsible advertising agency’s intent to get me to be aware of their client’s product, then they’ve succeeded. If it was their intent to get me to want to use their client’s product, then, uh… not so much. EPIC FAIL, dudes.

12 Responses to “Korean Air TV commercial — stupidest in history?”

  1. I think this is a very very cool ad and I simply love the music( who is this music by I would love to get a full track) forget about what people might say like it sucks because it does’nt its great.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one driven mad by this inane TV ad.

  3. most people areed that korean air commerical sucks!!! and why is there so many americans on korean air? in the end the korean girl isn’t a korean, the whole point of the korean air commerical are they try to sell sex or underwear???? beshrew korean air and people ” correct the message about koreans!”

  4. korean air commercial sending us message that they’re selling sex.

  5. CubanMinotaur Says:

    I agree this has to be the most baffling, bizarre commercial ever. At first, you think it’s an ad for a very upscale boutique… ( clothes, perfume, shoes ) then you see the nose of the 747 at an airport… then see flight attendants and cuisine served on board… then the male voice saying “Excellence in flight!”. Yeah… I’m going to book my next flight to Cleveland on Korean Air. I guess the ad people drank too much champagne when creating this fluff piece.
    “Excellence in the Twilight Zone more like it!”

  6. And who is that woman in the goofy-ass shorts and skirt outfit? It is a pretentious, stupid commercial. I knew the oriental girl was not a Korean.

  7. It just started airing here and they play it every five minutes! It’s idiotic!

  8. Leala Says:

    Another stupid commercial selling sex. It doesn’t make any sense, is really confusing and has nothing to do with the actual product it is supposed to be advertising. I will not be flying Korean Airhead!

  9. Spot on summarization! Utterly baffling/pointless commercial.

  10. Just googled ‘pledging + korean air’ and came up with this blog…the whole advert (and ‘pledging’ in particular) has similarly been driving me insane for over a year now. Weirdly, Korean Air is the only airline that I’ve used on long distance flights (to the UK, Austria and Thailand) which hasn’t had one of those TVs in the seat in front of you. The last time that happened to me was in 1998. How ‘visionary’.

  11. same here those commercial are for those s2pid fucking cunts.fuckingpointless commercials.pure stupid advertising

  12. It’s still airing constantly in the US. So dumb! What is she singing? It sounds like “set yourself on fire….” WTH?

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