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H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Statement of Randolph Carter”

Posted in Cool video, Horror with tags on 26 June 2008 by Doc Tourneau

H. P. Lovecraft

Over on the YouTube, there’s an individual who goes by the name of Kuwasseg, who has hit on a simple, but absolutely terrific, idea. The website offers audiobook-style readings of public domain literature. The recordings themselves are also in the public domain. Mr. Kuwasseg has, with pictures and sound and music, virtually illustrated some of these recordings, and to great effect. (NOTE: It now appears that the original audio was not from LibriVox. My mistake. At any rate, LibriVox is a terrific organization; you should check them out. — PB) The material in question is by that venerable author of the weird fiction, Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Kuwasseg uses imagery that, while not directly tied to the narrative, nicely adds to the overall creepy atmospherics of Lovecraft’s prose. It works wonderfully, especially coupled with the Boris Karloff-like sepulchral tones of the narrator, Peter Yearsley Glenn Hallstrom of the narration.

Take a look at the whole kit-and-kaboodle HERE

A neat-o new toy

Posted in Cool internet toys with tags , , on 20 June 2008 by Doc Tourneau

Looking around for something else, I stumbled across this very fun website,, where you can make “word clouds” out of whatever text you care to input. As with any cloud app, the size of the words in the cloud depend on the frequency with which they’re used.

Being one to never pass up the opportunity to play with a new toy, I typed in the names of all the villains, henchmen, and femmes fatales from the James Bond film series. It came out thusly:

My James Bond Villain wordcloud

Pretty cool, huh? You can gaze upon it in all its full glory right HERE . And then, of course, you can go make your own.

Tom Waits on Fernwood 2-Nite

Posted in Cool video, Music, TV with tags on 12 June 2008 by Doc Tourneau

It’s not my intention to make this blog a repository for cool videos. Having said that, however, I’ve got to share this wonderful time-capsule piece — a combination of four of my favorite things: Martin Mull; Fred Willard; Martin Mull & Fred Willard; and Mr. Tom Waits:

Pure bliss.