Well, here I’m is…

Given that, statistically, the average readership per Internet blog is 1, I probably don’t stand too much of a chance of totally embarrassing myself. 

I’m digging myself this little corner of the back 40 to write about things I usually think about at three in the morning, when part of my brain will pop up and say “hey — let’s compare and contrast the British classical mystery against the American hard-boiled item.  Or, how do the horror films of Hammer Productions stack up against the Universal Studios monster shows of the 30s and 40s?  Or, Marvel Comics versus DC Comics: go!  Or, Science Fiction and Sci-Fi… is there a difference? Or, come up with five reasons why the Beach Boys were better than the Beatles.  Or, George Bush: evil or just retarded?”  Etc. etc. etc.

If I can make this look reasonably nice with some cool graphics, maybe I can get that readership ratio up to two or even three.  Bold words!


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