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My favorite film directors

Posted in Movies with tags on 31 May 2008 by Doc Tourneau

Continuing my series today with a portrait of the great Stanley Kubrick. In the biopic A LIFE IN PICTURES Stanley Kubrick, playing with light, the narrator talks about Kubrick “playing with light.” That thought inspired me to run a picture of the man through the old Paint Shop Pro grinder. I kind of like the way it came out.

So he joins Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, Orson Welles, and Howard Hawks in my gallery. Coming soon — Clint Eastwood, maybe. Or Akira Kurosawa, I don’t know. We’ll see…

See ’em all at my Great Film Directors set over at the

The Simpsons movie reference Guide

Posted in Movies, TV with tags on 31 May 2008 by Doc Tourneau

From the “things I found while looking up other things” department:

This very cool website (in Spanish, with which, sadly, I’m not conversant with,) Actualidadsimpson, takes a loving look at TV’s The Simpsons and its regularly-occurring movie references. The site features absolutely terrific shot-by-shot comparisons of the cartoon series’ cinematic homages to their original counterparts.


Monty Burns as Al Capone in a THE UNTOUCHABLES reference

I’m sure that if I could read the accompanying text, I’d be praising the site author’s insight and perspicacity. Even so, the visuals speak for themselves. There’s a lot of them, so be prepared to be surprised and delighted. I was — as a fan of the show, I thought I had caught most of their movie-geek references. Yeah, sure. Maybe half of these…

If you love The Simpsons, if you love movies, then get yourself on over to for a real treat.

If Star Wars came out in the early 1960s

Posted in Cool video, Movies with tags on 27 May 2008 by Doc Tourneau

If George Lucas had made STAR WARS 15 years earlier, say, in the early 1960s, perhaps Saul Bass would have done the titles sequence —
— and it may have looked something like this:

An unfairly forgotten Hammer Films classic

Posted in Horror, Movies, Science Fiction with tags , , on 18 May 2008 by Doc Tourneau

… Recently, while spending an enjoyable time surfing through Glenn Erickson’s terrific DVD Savant website, I happened along his review of THE CRAWLING EYE (a.k.a. THE TROLLENBERG TERROR,) an old British science fiction vehicle for Forrest Tucker. I had less-than-fond memories of that picture also, primarily due to its US poster for The Abominable Snowman with its American titlinglaughable no-budget special effects. Erickson gave it high marks for its writing and direction, however, noting its tight construction and sustained, mounting suspense. So, figuring I had nothing to lose other than a quickly-turned-over Netflix rental, I decided to check it out. Following a link from THE CRAWLING EYE review, I read his piece on the 1957 THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN. “What the hell?” I figured, “it’s Hammer, it’s got Peter Cushing; maybe it’s worth another look, after 40 years….”


A way-cool mystery audio program: WORMWOOD

Posted in Cool audio, Horror, Mystery with tags on 17 May 2008 by Doc Tourneau

Wormwood logo copyright Habit Forming Films LLCI’m totally crazy about Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery. It’s a serialized audio drama, of the mystery/horror genre, podcasted weekly. It’s the best example I know of how it must have been in the 1930s and 40s, breathlessly awaiting the next adventure of The Shadow, or I Love a Mystery, or The Green Hornet.

… A psychic vision of a drowned womanleads the mysterious occultist and psychologist, Dr.  Xander Crow, to the town of Wormwood, a creepy little burg that David Lynch would feel right at home at (until it spooked him sufficiently to leave). Various soap-operatic situations abound; the town has a local monster, the “Muddyman,” perhaps an urban legend, perhaps… not. People die in unusual ways. People inexplicably disappear. Mayberry, this ain’t.


Misunderstood Lyrics of “Carmina Burana”

Posted in Cool video, Music with tags , , on 9 May 2008 by Doc Tourneau

One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! I’m not sure if these are the real commonly-misunderstood lyrics, or if the video authors just made it all up. Either way, I was convulsed in laughter. Take a looksee for your own self:

Actually, there seems to be scores of these, some of them pretty dirty, but this was the funniest of the bunch. Enjoy!

Vintage Ads From the Science Fictional Future

Posted in Science Fiction with tags on 8 May 2008 by Doc Tourneau

This is pretty cool: science fiction author Mark A. Rayner created a contest for people to create a retro/vintage-looking advertisement for a product found in the annals of science fiction. Adapting the artwork from an old BOHM ad from 1947, I created an ad for the CHOAM Corp. from Frank Herbert’s Dune novels. And I came in Second Place! Woo hoo! Here’s a small-sized representation of my entry:

The full-size version can be viewed here.

You can find all three finalist’s work at Mark’s blog here, as well as all of the other entries. It was a great idea for a contest; I hope he does it again!

“Cup of Brown Joy” by Elemental

Posted in Cool video, Music with tags , on 6 May 2008 by Doc Tourneau

I get the hugest kick out of this video, by the very weird but singularly dashing Mr. Elemental. If only more people wore pith helmets and smoked pipes… the world would be a far better place! It’s a pretty catchy tune, too…


Well, here I’m is…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on 6 May 2008 by Doc Tourneau

Given that, statistically, the average readership per Internet blog is 1, I probably don’t stand too much of a chance of totally embarrassing myself. 

I’m digging myself this little corner of the back 40 to write about things I usually think about at three in the morning, when part of my brain will pop up and say “hey — let’s compare and contrast the British classical mystery against the American hard-boiled item.  Or, how do the horror films of Hammer Productions stack up against the Universal Studios monster shows of the 30s and 40s?  Or, Marvel Comics versus DC Comics: go!  Or, Science Fiction and Sci-Fi… is there a difference? Or, come up with five reasons why the Beach Boys were better than the Beatles.  Or, George Bush: evil or just retarded?”  Etc. etc. etc.

If I can make this look reasonably nice with some cool graphics, maybe I can get that readership ratio up to two or even three.  Bold words!